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High Pressure Processing (HPP)

High-pressure processing (HPP) maintains freshness and preserves natural flavors of juices, meat, fruits and vegetables better than any other processing method. And because it just uses pressurized, pure cold water, it bypasses texture and taste variations caused by heat, irradiation or chemicals.

Additional Services

In additon to treating your product in our HPP Services equipment, we also include:

  • Repackaging and food labeling
  • Complete food exporting and shipping services
  • Customized order picking and assembly (kitting)
  • Computer managed inventory with bar code scanning
  • Logistics solutions for full load or LTLs nationwide

Our Facility Features include:

  • Refrigerated loading docks
  • Cross docking dry and refrigerated inventory management
  • Computer controlled and alarmed refrigeration systems
  • USDA licensed and FDA approved facilities

We can be the partner that opens up a whole new market for your products. If you are a regional product today, you can quickly become a national player with HPP. If you are national, we have seen products become international through HPP.